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What skills are needed for CNC machining of aluminum alloy?
Release time:2022-08-15

Aluminum alloy precision parts and products are favored because of their light weight and beautiful appearance, and are more and more widely used in industrial fields and daily necessities. Especially in recent years, with the development of science and technology and social progress, people's demand for product diversity is increasingly strong. Therefore, the better the process of aluminum alloy products, the more popular they are, the greater the market demand and the higher the efficiency. Aluminum alloy CNC machining is one of the better machining methods for aluminum alloy shell products.

In order to meet people's demand for diversity and high quality of aluminum alloy shell products, it is necessary to summarize the process skills in the processing process. Based on years of CNC machining experience, Bohao Xiaobian summarized the processing skills that should be paid attention to in the processing of aluminum alloy shells.

The requirement of aluminum alloy CNC machining skills is that the control system can logically process the programs with control codes or other symbolic instructions and decode them by the computer, so that the machine tool can move and process parts. The blanks are processed into semi-finished products and finished parts by cutting tools.

Numerical control cutting is a kind of machining method that makes cutting more reasonable, and it is also a common process in aluminum alloy precision machining. End mills with multi-directional cutting function, spiral cutting interpolation and contour cutting interpolation are used. A tool for machining a small number of holes.

Ball end milling cutter combined with spiral interpolation can continuously process taper holes; Ball end milling cutter and spiral interpolation drill can be used for boring and chamfering; Combined with equal height interpolation, the end milling cutter can perform semi precision machining of holes and precision parts processing; The end milling cutter with screw interpolation can process various threaded holes.

If high-efficiency aluminum alloy precision parts are processed for high-precision holes of any size, the tool interpolation function can be used. Especially in high-speed milling, the load on each cutter tooth is relatively light, so the same coated cemented carbide end mill can perform high-speed and high-precision hole processing on a variety of processed materials. With the qualitative leap in the quality of life brought by the improvement of living standards, many people are thinking about how to improve the quality, and so is the technology. The better the process, the more the market demand, and the higher the income. Good shell processing technology depends on aluminum alloy CNC processing technology, and customers' requirements for CNC processing are also getting higher and higher. What are the specific technical requirements of aluminum alloy CNC processing technology?

1) The cutting amount shall be reasonably selected, and the staff shall select the cutting speed according to the material to be processed, hardness, cutting state, material type, cutting depth, etc. These conditions are very suitable for effectively protecting the machine from wear.

2) Select appropriate props. In rough turning, generally speaking, tools with high strength and durability should be selected to meet the requirements of rough turning.

3) Select a reasonable fixture. The parts shall fully meet the needs of the machine and reduce unnecessary positioning errors, so appropriate clamping tools shall be selected.

4) The working front waist determines the processing route. Shorten the processing route as much as possible to reduce the wear of the machine

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