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CNC processing plastic material :

AABS (import, domestic, black, flame retardant, etc.), POM (steel), PMMA (acrylic), PA (nylon), PC, PP, bakelite.

CNC processing model superiority:

processing speed, low cost, can achieve high machining accuracy.And a wide scope of the choice of materials, can ensure model material and mass production parts maintain consistency.Model's sense of reality is strong, the surface quality can reach a high level, on grinding, polishing, sandblasting, painting, screen printing, UV, electroplating and other follow-up processing, production can completely with mold production products, even higher.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining :

It is a comprehensive Computer aided design (CAD), Computer aided manufacturing (CAM), Computer Numerical Control (CNC), and other advanced technology, the Computer constitute a 3D data model, made from a whole piece of material cutting excavation.After a clamping workpiece, the digital control system can control the machine tool according to different processes, automatic selection and replacement of cutting tools, automatically change the spindle speed, feed and the cutting tool relative to the workpiece trajectory and other auxiliary machine, can complete a few more process on the surface of workpiece in machining, the machining process is automatically controlled by the program, and is not affected by the operator of human factors.

Experienced:Fifteen years of experience in hand plate making, which is the guarantee of perfect hand processing technology;

Comprehensive:There is a supplier system with complete process and strict assessment, and all post-processing can be solved in a one-stop manner;

Quality guarantee on time:Professional technology and service to ensure strict delivery and perfect quality;

Perfect service:Seven × 24h uninterrupted service, choose Bohao and rest assured.

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