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What are the common aluminum alloy processing methods?
Release time:2022-08-15

What are the common aluminum alloy processing methods?


Extrusion is a process in which the steel ingot is put into the extrusion cylinder, the metal material is pressed by the extrusion shaft, and the metal material is extruded from the die hole of the given shape and specification, causing plastic deformation, and the specified extruded product is obtained. This is a production and processing method.

The orientation is different according to the fluidity of the metal material during extrusion. Extrusion can be divided into forward extrusion, reverse extrusion and co extrusion. In forward extrusion, the operating direction of the extrusion shaft is consistent with the flow direction of the extruded metal material; in reverse extrusion, the operating direction of the extrusion shaft is opposite to the flow direction of the extruded metal material. Metallic materials.

According to the electric heating temperature of the billet, extrusion can be divided into hot extrusion and cold extrusion. In hot extrusion, the ingot is heated below the work hardening temperature for extrusion, while in cold extrusion, it is extruded at room temperature.


Drawing is a production method. The drawing machine pulls the aluminum and aluminum parts out of the mold with the appearance and specification according to the rapid fixture, so as to produce plastic deformation and obtain the required pipes, bars, profiles and cables.

Wire drawing can be divided into cable drawing, pipe drawing, bar drawing and aluminum extrusion drawing according to the product combination and shape. Pipe drawing can be divided into empty drawing, core head drawing and swing core head drawing. The key elements of wire drawing production and processing are wire drawing machine, wire drawing die and wire drawing rope reel. According to the drawing method, drawing can be divided into multimode drawing and multimode fiber drawing.


Forging is a production method in which a forging hammer or a press is used to exert pressure on aluminum and aluminum casting forgings or forging blanks according to the drill bit or tensile force, so that the metal materials are plastically deformed. There are two basic methods for forging aluminum alloy profiles: free forging and free forging. Free forging is to place the product workpiece between flat anvil (or die anvil) for forging; Free forging is to put the product workpiece into the mold with given specification and shape, and then apply pressure on the product workpiece to conduct forging deformation to obtain the specified die forgings.

Other plastic deformation forming methods of aluminum parts

We have also scientifically produced a variety of new aluminum production and processing methods, mainly including:

⑴ working pressure forging forming method, such as low, medium and high pressure forming, extrusion forming, etc.

(2) Semi solid forming methods, such as semi-solid cold rolling, semi-solid extrusion, semi-solid drawing, liquid-free forging, etc.

(3) Continuous forming methods, such as rolling continuous extrusion method, rapid continuous rolling method, conform continuous extrusion method, etc.

(4) compound forming method, such as lamination cold rolling method, multi billet extrusion method, etc.

(5) deformation heat treatment process method, etc

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