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SLA (Stereolithography) technology is working on the basis of the principle of liquid photosensitive resin photopolymerization.The liquid material at a certain wavelength and intensity of ultraviolet light (such as lambda = 325 nm) under the irradiation of light polymerization reaction quickly, the molecular weight increases sharply, the material is from a liquid into a solid.It is the core technology of computer technology and materials technology.

SLA laser molding technology abandoned the traditional machining methods, according to the parts geometry information generated by the CAD, three-dimensional numerical control molding control system, the accumulation of material forming parts by laser beam.Formed in this way, no need to take time and cost of the mould and the design of the special tools and machinery processing, greatly improved production efficiency and flexible.


First, light-cured resin filled with liquid in the tank, in laser beam deflection under the action of the mirror, can scan on the liquid surface, scanning track and the light in the presence of all controlled by computer, spot to place, liquid solidification.Forming at the start of the working platform on the liquid surface under a certain depth, focusing on the spot after instruction point by point according to the computer scanning on the surface of the liquid, the curing point by point.When a layer of the scan is complete, is not illuminate place is still the liquid resin.And then drop a layer height, lifting table driven platform established level and covered with a layer of resin, device will be larger resin viscosity liquid surface leveling, leveling and then to the second floor of scanning, a new solidified layer firmly stick to the previous level, repeat until completion of the entire parts manufacturing, get a three-dimensional entity model.


1, High machining accuracy, can achieve 0.1 mm;
2, Can make complex shapes (such as hollow parts), special precision parts (such as jewelry, crafts, etc.), suitable for mobile phones, radio, walkie-talkie, mouse and other delicate parts and toys and high-tech electronic industrial chassis, motorcycles, automobile parts, household appliances shell or model or model, medical equipment, etc.;
3, Fast manufacturing parts, 0.1 0.15 mm can be layered scanning;
4, Good surface quality, can make a very fine detail BoBi structure, post-processing easily;
5, Processing in place, a lot of CNC hand do machining of detail can not come out, so as to reduce the workload of post-processing of;
6, Disadvantages: laser molding material is single, the choice of photosensitive resin and SLA's tenacity and strength than CNC hand-board, located in easy to fracture.

THE FEATUERS OF SLA MATERRIAL (photosensitive resin):

Similar to the traditional ABS engineering plastics, has a certain viscosity transparent or beige liquid, the workpiece is translucent or beige, better strength, can assemble, self tapping screw, spray paint, silk screen, drawback is not resistant to high temperature.


SLS (Selected Laser Sintering), refers to the infrared Laser to the powder material (nylon,, glass fiber, carbon fiber, nylon, aluminum, PS materials as well as all kinds of metal materials including: die steel, titanium alloy,aluminum alloy and CoCrMo alloy, iron, nickel alloy, etc.) direct Sintering molding system.On behalf of EOS EOSINT, M280, P395, respectively is the global leader in metal forming and plastic molding equipment.Relatively mature SLS powder sintering molding process development, has become one of the mainstream of the first plate production process.


1. The SLS laser rapid prototyping application field is wide, It is widely used in automotive, aerospace, Marine, household appliances, industrial design, medical, architecture, arts and crafts production and children's toys, and other fields, and with the continuous development of the technology itself and improvement of its application scope will constantly expanding;
2. Because the powder has self supporting role, so does not need additional support when SLS model manufacturing;
3. Select material widely, not only includes all kinds of plastic materials, wax, and coated sand, also can directly produce metal and ceramic parts;
4. The material can be repeated use, high utilization rate.

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