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Use and maintenance of aluminum alloy CNC machining cutting fluid!
Release time:2022-08-15

Application and maintenance of cutting fluid for aluminum alloy CNC machining

The cutting fluid and use of aluminum alloy CNC machining are basically the same as ordinary cutting fluid, but the selection of dilution water is more strict. Because many aluminum ions in the water will cause corrosion, if the content of these ions is too high, the rust prevention performance of the cutting fluid will be reduced, especially during the processing, such as chloride ions, sulfate ions and heavy metal ions. In addition, some ions, such as calcium and magnesium ions, will react with the rust inhibitor of the aluminum cutting fluid to reduce the rust resistance and stability of the cutting fluid. Therefore, try to select dilution water with low hardness or soften the diluted ion exchange water to ensure the service effect and life of the cutting fluid.

In addition to the daily maintenance of cutting fluid, the maintenance of cutting fluid for aluminum alloy CNC machining also needs to pay attention to the following points:

1. Filtration

Due to the stability of aluminum soap reaction of aluminum alloy, the cutting fluid is easy to be damaged under alkaline conditions. Aluminum chips, aluminum chips and cutting fluid should be filtered immediately to avoid re reaction and affect the cutting fluid with service effect and service life. The aluminum chips ground in the grinding process are small and light, and it is difficult to continue to precipitate. If it is not filtered or not filtered sufficiently, the aluminum chip processing area will be taken away with the cutting fluid system, and the scratched surface will affect the gloss of the processing surface.

2. PH value

Since the aluminum cutting fluid is very sensitive to the pH value, the pH value of the aluminum cutting fluid should be checked regularly and adjusted in time if any abnormality is found. The pH value should be controlled at 8-9 pH value to avoid excessive corrosion of the workpiece or low pH value, which will affect the stability and performance of the cutting fluid.

3. Add new schemes regularly

It not only ensures the good lubricity of the cutting fluid, but also ensures the good anti rust and anti-corrosion performance of the cutting fluid, and extends the service life of the cutting fluid.

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