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PROTOTYPE(or MOCK-UP、MODEL): popular speaking, prototype is on the premise of not open mould, according to the product appearance drawing or structure drawings to make one or a few, It is used to check the appearance or the function of the structure rationality model.Prototype is in different places is also referred to as mock-up or model.

Model: is not equal to goods, any object defined as goods before forms are in the process of research and development model, when defining type, specification and matching the corresponding price, the model will be presented in the form of commodity.

Prototype model:What we call prototype(or mock-up、model), mainly refers to the industrial model.Industrial model, also known as mock-up, model and rapid prototyping, the main production methods are CNC machining, laser rapid prototyping and silicon mold small batch production.Industry model is widely used in new product design development stage, in the shortest possible time work out and design a mock-up of the agreement.Product appearance designers confirmed and functional testing, etc., so as to improve the design, to reduce development costs, shorten the development cycle, quickly obtain the purpose of customer recognition.

We specializes in the production of hand modeling.

①. HOUS: such as TV , refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, fans, humidification machine, etc.;
②. Digital products: computer monitors, chassis, speakers, keyboard, mouse, routers, etc.;
③. Office equipment : printers, fax machines, all kinds of stationery and folders, etc.;
④. Communications :mobile phones, fixed phones, walkie-talkie, etc;
⑤. Auto parts: car body parts, such as doors, lights, dashboard, the steering wheel, decoration, etc.;
⑥. Children's products: baby carrier, all kinds of toys for children;
⑦. All kinds of handicrafts, such as lighting, decoration, etc.;
⑧. Sheet metal products, such as chassis, such as: all kinds of products on the sheet metal parts;
⑨. All kinds of jig, fixture and measuring tool, etc.;
⑩. Graduation design works, industrial exhibition samples and small batch products after mold processing

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