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Fifteen years of experience in hand plate making, which is the guarantee of perfect hand processing technology;
There is a supplier system with complete process and strict assessment, and all post-processing can be solved in a one-stop manner;
Quality guarantee on time
Professional technology and service ensure strict delivery and perfect quality;
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Seven × 24h uninterrupted service, choose Bohao and rest assured.
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For a long time, Bohao Company has won the trust of our customers with perfect service and reliable quality:
GAC, BAIC, Great Wall Motor, Lenovo, Panasonic, Sanyo, BYD, Chery, Midea, Gree, FAW Xuyang, FAW Qiming, FAW Xugang, VIA Electronics, Hiwest, Kasugai, Flextronics, etc.
About Bohao
Bohao Prototype Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Relying on high technology model design production company. We are a senior product model design production company. In the core product model designed to provide a full range of technical services for business purposes, to first-class level of service to a wide range of toys, gifts, electrical appliances, telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, and strive to develop customer can create higher value products.
  • 15+ Year

    Time of establishment

  • 20+ Term

    More than 20 national patents

  • 30+ People

    R & D team: more than 30 people

  • 400+ Ten thousand

    Annual output: 4 million


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