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How to solve the deformation problem of aluminum alloy parts?
Release time:2022-08-10

Aluminum alloy parts have large thermal expansion coefficient and are easy to deform in the process of thin-wall machining. When the free forging blank is used, the machining allowance is large, and the deformation problem is very clear.

Today, let me introduce in detail what measures should be taken when CNC machining aluminum alloy parts?

1) optimize tool structure
Reduce the number of milling cutter teeth and expand the chip space. Since the plasticity of aluminum alloy material is large, the cutting deformation is large during machining, and a large chip holding space is required. Therefore, the radius of the chip holding groove bottom should be large and the number of milling cutter teeth should be small.

(2) fine grinding cutter teeth
Before using a new knife, gently grind the front and back of the cutter teeth with a fine oil stone to reduce the burrs and slight serrations left when grinding the cutter teeth. This can not only reduce the cutting heat but also reduce the cutting deformation.

(3) strictly control the wear standard of tools
After the tool wear, the surface roughness of the workpiece increases, the cutting temperature increases and the workpiece deformation increases. Therefore, in addition to selecting good grinding tool materials, it is also necessary to strictly control the degree of tool wear, otherwise it is easy to produce chip accumulation. The temperature of the workpiece during cutting shall not be too high to reduce deformation.

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