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How to avoid scrap of aluminum alloy shell?
Release time:2022-08-15

Nowadays, with the rapid development of electronic industry, many electronic products are made of aluminum alloy. Of course, the shell quality of different products is different. Enterprises should attach great importance to quality and production efficiency when processing aluminum alloy shells. Many manufacturers scrap the aluminum shell during processing. How to avoid this phenomenon?

1. Squeeze and straighten

Straightening is a very important link in the production process of aluminum profile shell. Straightening workers must pay attention to the force used for straightening. If the force is too large, it may lead to deformation, closure, orange peel and other problems of aluminum profiles; If the force is too small, it may cause problems such as non straightness and bending. Therefore, we must grasp our strength.

2. Extrusion framing

This link is also important. After sawing to a certain length, frame the aluminum profile. At this time, the binding machine should pay attention to whether the material is large or small, whether it is the material with a tube or the material drawn from the flat die. Generally speaking, large materials are not easy to cause bending. Lift and frame the materials with pipes at both ends., However, the small material and the material drawn from the flat die are easily bent when both ends are lifted. At this time, the material shall be lifted from both ends to the middle and framed. However, some aluminum profiles are not enough, such as louvers, windows, covers, etc. these materials must be placed on the aged aluminum profiles and then hoisted into the frame.

3. Surface treatment on shelf

The billet has been aged and the hardness has reached the standard, so the aluminum profile is not so easy to bend, but attention should be paid to the shelf. When lifting materials at both ends, try to avoid violent fluctuation up and down, which will also cause aging of aluminum profile shell. Certain bending.

Aluminum shell manufacturers should pay more attention to the above three points in processing. Compared with plastic shell, aluminum alloy shell is relatively simple to process and has good hardness, which exceeds the strength of many plastics and metals. The future development prospects are very promising. Pay attention to relevant details, improve product quality and avoid scrapping.

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