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Vaccum Casting refers to the use of the original model, the silicone mold was produced under the vacuum state, and Casting in vacuum using PU materials, thereby to clone the same copy with the original sample, is one of the most commonly used rapid tooling technology, through this technology, we not only can produce various features of similar engineering plastics products, but also can undertake small batch production.Suitable for small batch trial production of the product development process, the structure is relatively complex, uniform wall thickness, satisfy a certain functional requirements of test samples.

Silica gel made by material:Domestic, import, transparent, special

Duplicate product use the material:Domestic PU, import PU, transparent PU, soft PU, steel, ABS, PP, PC, high temperature resistant ABS, etc.

Technical parameters:

Applicable mould:silica gel mould (10-20) life.
Casting materials:a two-component polyurethane PU.Currently used materials: AXSON polyurethane resin, Hei - cast polyurethane resin.
Properties:like ABS, PP, nylon, PMMA/PC transparent, soft rubber parts shord (40-90 D), high temperature (150 ℃), fire prevention materials and so on.
General working time:1-4 hours/units.
Standard replication accuracy: + / - 0.20 mm / 100 mm.
Casting sample thickness: minimum 0.5 mm, best of 1.5 mm to 5 mm.
The biggest casting workpiece: 2000 *1200*1000mm.

Technological process:

(1) the silicone mold preheating:Heat the silicon mold in advance to 60-70 ℃, die temperature too low, will cause the curing incomplete, cause poor physical properties.Mold temperature on the test piece is directly related to the dimension precision.
(2) Vacuum deaeration treatment:Respectively to A, B two fluid in the chamber for vacuum deaeration treatment of more than 30 minutes.
(3) Casting:Will have A and B liquid containers respectively in operation room.Operation room after the vacuum stirring from time to time B fluid deaeration 5-10 minutes, will be in A mixture to B liquid mixing 30 to 40 minutes, quickly poured into the silicon rubber mold.And since the beginning of mixed 1-1 minute 30 seconds to restore the operation of the atmospheric pressure.
(4) Curing:In the 60-70 ℃ constant temperature box for 30 to 60 minutes after curing, demoulding.When necessary, in 70-80 ℃ thermostat secondary curing for 2-3 hours.

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